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Vork offers an innovative service model to help our clients meet their software testing and quality assurance needs.

Whether you’re looking for a quick turnaround or sustained business value, we have the right solution at every pace and scale!

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Test Case Authoring & Execution

As you’re scaling and moving fast, it becomes easy to fall behind on test documentation. Have no fear—our testing experts can quickly extract knowledge from your team to author, execute and manage your test cases with minimal changes to your existing workflows and toolsets. Even better, our test cases are automation-ready so that you can build a solid foundation for more advanced test strategies.

Quality Assurance Testing Automation

Agile teams need to test as fast as the business moves. We enable agility by delivering a fully managed test automation service that includes scoping, discovery, implementation, infrastructure, reporting, execution, and ongoing maintenance. VORK’s world-class test automation services are rooted in strong platform technology partnerships and the latest QA and Software Testing stack. This combination of expertise and technology results in unrivaled automation delivery capabilities.

Exploratory Testing

Uncovering bugs that real people might encounter in real life takes human ingenuity. We connect you with testers from all around the world on demand. These quick and creative testers bring diverse perspectives to your QA program and perform a month’s worth of user testing in hours, discovering issues before release so your customers don’t.

Accessibility Assessments & Testing

Great software experiences are deserved by all. Our team of experts ensures equitable user experiences across platforms, adhering to many accessibility standards. Whether you need ongoing testing to identify gaps before release or a comprehensive audit and remediation plan, we have you and your users covered.

Load & Performance Testing

When you’re looking at a big launch, we provide the technology and people power to help lift the weight—with a unique offering that combines load testing and functional testing for a comprehensive preview of what your users will experience when it counts.

Product Experience Testing

There’s a lot to account for across every user experience, and not all your users—or even the countries they reside in—are going to have the same needs and requirements. With our testing community’s power and EPAM’s global delivery expertise, we make usability and in-country testing simple, helping ensure high-quality local experiences.

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On demand

VORK delivers a full range of web, mobile, and software testing services available on-demand; we partner with you to navigate tight delivery constraints and complex requirements to drive business value at speed and scale.


Our platform allows you to access real-world tests on all devices so that bugs can be fixed before it impacts customers! This is the best way to identify issues ahead of production and continuously improve your customer experience.


Whether you’re a highly automated testing team looking to extend your testing to business or you’re moving from ad hoc testing to a more formal and automated program, we can make your journey faster and smoother.

Are you a QA Engineer?

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