About Us

How We Got Started

Byron Adams caught the travel bug in 1975 when as a 13-year old he traveled with his family on a five-week trip to Kotzebue, Alaska, north of the Artic Circle. As a high-school senior, he spent three weeks in Geneva, Switzerland on an exchange program experiencing Roman rocks, European culture and art, and Swiss cooking.

He returned to Europe in 1987 traveling through Switzerland, Italy, France, and ending in Ireland for the Dublin Theatre Festival. After traveling around the U.S. in the 1990s, in 2003, he began traveling regularly to Mexico and Central America.

In 2014, he began organizing tours for a small group of friends and launched badams TRAVEL in 2017 focusing initially on Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

His focus is on sharing the culture, history, and nature of a particular area with a small group of travelers through an immersive experience that encompasses small, family-owned hotels and restaurants and local guides (indigenous where ever possible).

Our Calling

We offer unique travel opportunities for people who travel for adventure, relaxation, fun, education, and mind-stretching.

Our tours usually go to places off the beaten path. Although that sounds like a cliche, we really do try for places that the crowds haven’t discovered or aren’t interested in. If we do go somewhere popular with the traveling public, we try to look at it from a different perspective.

For example, we’re currently working to create several tours in Mexico that will focus on Maya ruins, pre-Columbian history, and the struggles of the indigenous peoples today.

Our Experiences

Our groups are small, typically about 5 – 9 people. We do our best to curate a truly personal experience that supports native business owners and has as minimal impact on our environment as possible.

Local Guides

Local guides know our destinations best. The best sites to see. The hot spring down the river. The sunsets from Cerro de la Muerte. The best restaurants to go to for authentic local cuisine. The best way to get there. Local guides have the relationships with their friends, colleagues, and families in the area that make their guiding of our time with them uniquely personal and immersive.

Traditional Cooking

When we travel, we want to experience the cuisine of the place we are visiting; not the same food that we could get back home. So meals that are included in your trip are the types of meals that the locals are eating. On many of our trips, we’ll be happy to arrange for you to get a local cooking lesson. And we do stray occasionally, getting a Costa Rican perspective on Chinese food or a Guatemalan take on lasagna (made with chayote squash instead of pasta).

Family Owned

We choose accommodations, restaurants, guides, and transfer services carefully, preferring to give our business to small, family-owned establishments whenever we can. We do our best to support indigenous communities, entrepreneurs getting a start, and locals in general believing that how we spend our money should help to create the change we want to see in the world.

Environmental Sensitivity

Travel takes a heavy toll on the environment. We purchase carbon offsets to account for vehicle travel in our destinations; offsets that support environmental efforts in those destinations. We encourage you to purchase offsets for your flights. We try to use “green” accommodations wherever possible. We encourage you to limit your use of single use plastics and to be sure to pick up after yourselves. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem

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Tour prices are per person, based on double occupancy and include the following unless otherwise noted in the itinerary:

  • All trip materials, packing checklist, detailed daily itinerary, recommended reading list, and much more
  • All services of the leaders and guides
  • All accommodations during tour dates
  • All transportation upon arrival in the destination city
  • All entrance fees to sanctuaries, parks, and other sites
  • Meals are included as noted on the itineraries for individual trips

Tour prices DO NOT include the following unless otherwise noted in each trip itinerary: roundtrip airfare, passport/visa fees, departure taxes, immunizations, baggage fees, optional excursions, single supplement fees, telephone calls, alcoholic beverages, laundry, room service, souvenirs, and anything of a purely personal nature. Be sure to review individual itineraries for all details. Itineraries are available on our website.

Tour costs, itineraries, and dates are subject to change. Prices may be affected by international currency exchange rates, fuel costs, or itinerary changes